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 Flame of Westfalia


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Our puppies were born on September 3rd, 2021


About our breeding

We love and deal with Labradors, Flame of Westfalia, registered in the LCD eV (FCI). We don't have a large number of dogs kept in a tight space. Our dog - Luna - is a full member of our big and happy family and lives with us in a big house. She is well looked after and receives a lot of love and attention. With this breed, not only a beautiful appearance is important, but the right temperament and psychological stability of the dog, especially when dealing with people. For us, the main criteria are the dog's health, predictable behavior, appropriate to the breed and a cheerful and human-oriented dog nature. Luna fulfills all of these properties with flying colors. Probably the most important quality of Luna is that she doesn't bark! It does not bark at other animals and especially not at other people. She always meets us with a dog smile and a happy wagging tail. Luna has a unique character. So far, a "woof" has come from her three times in her entire life, which is uniquely little. With her positive attitude, philanthropy and love for absolutely everyone and everything, she manages to give positive energy to the whole family. If you are looking for a canine companion who is with you every step of the way and who wants to shower you and your family members with love and affection, you are on the right track. If you're looking for a house, yard, and body guard dog, you won't get much out of this lovable breed.

About our bitch

 1.  Luna 

Our bitch Luna, with full name Kendi Doll Vizantia, was born on January 15th, 2019. Luna is very loving, intelligent and quickly learns commands and desired behaviors. She is ready to do anything for a treat. She is very interested in people and other dogs, but is also calm when asked. She tends to avoid dangerous situations and does not seek conflict. She also evades more aggressive dogs and does not bark at them. She doesn't bark anyway, which makes life with her really pleasant. In sleep while dreaming it can happen that a quiet, cute "woof" comes along. But if there are any concerns, she will come anyway, poke the master or mistress with the paw or snout and lead big eyes to the bowl or the door. Eating, walking and swimming, very typical for a Labrador, are absolute favorite activities and a loving family is simply necessary for such a dog.

bred in the kennel: » KENDI DOLL  

                    »  pedigree

Stud book number: 21 / Ü0019

born on: January 15, 2019

Gender: bitch


HD / ED grade: HD-B2 / A2 / ED-0/0

Exams: WT nb WT ZZ (09.06.2021)

Diagnoses: ZS: VZ DNA PRCD-PRA: normal Myo (CNM) -N / N EIC-N / m HNPK-N / N bb EE DD

Eye examination AU (May 28, 2021)

Other: RKF 5467301 partner only with EIC-N / N chip: 643094100487711

Diagnoses: bb eye examination:


Title: Russ./Mol./Russ.Jgd.CH.

Diagnoses: bb
Eye examination:
Title: Russ./Russ.Jgd.CH.


  2. Aria